My name is Tom and I am a truck driver and freight handler for Bonded Transportation Solutions in Milwaukee. It was becoming more and more difficult to do my job because of the increasing pain in my arms, elbows and shoulders. Medication, exercises, applications of heat and ice to the affected areas didn't help.

My wife Kate recommended Reiki treatments and of course, being a guy, I was skeptical. However, I was wiling to try anything to relieve the pain. I started a treatment program with Julie Piek and after just 2 sessions I noticed improvement. After 2 more sessions it was remarkable how much the pain had subsided. 

After a few more treatments I am now pain free and not only am able to perform my work duties, I can also shoot baskets with my grandson, throw a baseball and even swing a golf club, all activities I had to give up before I began treatment with Julie. I absolutely recommend and endorse her for anyone considering Reiki Therapy. It definitely works!

Tom-Waukesha, WI

I truly am grateful to have come into the world of Reiki with you. I have found more balance and peace in my life after starting Reiki. The pain in my lower back is hardly an issue now. Thanks to you and your great healing abilities.

Nancy-Brighton, WI

I found the Accessing Inner Wisdom Counseling to be very meditative. This process helped me recognize the thoughts that were blocking me from moving forward. Reverend Julie was very gentle in assisting me through this healing process. I felt very safe opening up to her. My experience was very positive and awakening. I realize this is a continuous journey but with my new awareness I will embrace the healing.

Kathy-Menomonee Falls, WI

"Julie is a professional who provided a relaxing and therapeutic environment. Through her words she gave me the confidence I needed to move forward. I highly recommend Rei Essence for spiritual guidance. I look forward to my visits each month!" 
Shelly-Madison, WI

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